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On the road to hell

This one-of-a-kind travel guide takes you
around the globe to explore the history, culture, and science behind places linked to the underworld.

Around the world and throughout history, humans have imagined some form of hell or the underworld — often including vivid details inspired by the natural world, including caves, rivers, and volcanic features. Now, in this illustrated collection, you can add hell to your travel bucket list with more than 50 one-of-a-kind underworld destinations around the globe, from the entrances to hell of ancient legends to the volcanic landscapes and otherworldly landscapes that still inspire our imaginations.

“A must-read for curious minds, trivia fans, and crime drama enthusiasts.”

Library Journal, Starred Review

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A Best Seller in Natural History
and Science Essays & Commentary

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I’m a freelance science writer and former online science editor at National Geographic. My writing has appeared in magazines and newspapers including National Geographic, NPR, Scientific American, Popular Mechanics, Science News, the Philadelphia Inquirer, Boulder Daily Camera, and more.

I write about various science topics — whatever captures my curiosity, really — but I gravitate toward the weird/gross/morbid, forensic science, and overlooked aspects of women’s health.

I live in Knoxville, TN, and part-time in Washington, DC.

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