With Erika Engelhaupt as your guide, all your weirdest and wildest questions about science will be answered…

Would your dog eat you if you died?
(Quite possibly.)
What’s the most painful insect sting in the world?
(Two scientists experimented on themselves to find the answer.)
Why do feet keep washing ashore in the Salish Sea?
(The answer will surprise you, and no, it’s not a serial killer.)

This entertaining book explores oft-ignored but intriguing facets of biology, anatomy, space exploration, nature, and more.

Featuring top-notch reporting, interviews with leading researchers, and a healthy dose of wit, Gory Details depicts the world’s most intriguing science in all its glory. The book brings you the best of the Gory Details blog — expanded and updated — with lots of brand-new stories and on-the-scene reporting.

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